Flame arresters designed to prevent the transmission of a deflagration fitted with one pipe connections on one side of the flame arrester element. They are static flame arrester measurable type to be thereby charcterised by that the quenching gaps of the flame arrester element can be technically drawn, measured and controlled. The integrated temperature sensor integrated by the manufacturer used to indicate a stabilized flame into the flame arrester.

Model 935 Model 935

Overpressure Valve

Model 935-E Model 935E

Overpressure Valve

Model 936-E Model 936E

UnderPressure Valve

Model 937-E Model 937E

OverPressure and Underpressure Valves

Model 937-P Model 937P

EndofLine Deflagration and Endurance Burning Flame Arrester

Model 942-E Model 942E

Emergency Vent Valve

Model 943 Model 943

UnderPressure Valve

Model 944 Model 944

Pressure and Vacuum Vent